You’ve Seen Orphaned Baby Squirrels Before But I Guarantee Not One That Does This.

August 26, 2020 Stories

Most 16 year-old girls are pretty fussy about their hair and makeup. Not Abby Putterill, though. Abby and her family live on a sanctuary near Harare. This girl from Zimbabwe doesn’t mind when her hair gets a bit messy. It usually tends to be, too, because of her pet squirrel Hammy.

That’s right. If you see Abby, chances are, she has a squirrel living in her hair.

The baby squirrel was found in the Bally Vaughan Wildlife Sanctuary in Zimbabwe.

He really needed some TLC.

So the Putterill family took him in, hand raising him.

Abby and her parents named the little guy Hammy.

He has become a close friend of the entire family, but he is closest to Abby.

He’s so comfortable with her, that he tends to go with her everywhere… while hanging out in her hair.

One day he just climbed into her ponytail. Now, he has been hanging out there ever since.

Seeing a little creature be so close to a human is heartwarming. I just hope Hammy becomes accustomed to leaving Abby’s hair every now and then. After all, what would she do on prom night with a squirrel in her hair?


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