You Would Have To Be Insane To Dive At This Spot. You’ll See Why When You Hit The Water.

November 6, 2020 Inspirations

If you came across this gaping hole in a Texas river, would your first instinct be to jump on in? Probably not. However, that’s what locals LOVE to do at Jacob’s Well. Jacob’s Well is a natural “karstic spring” in the Texas Hill Country. It’s located northwest of Wimberley, Texas, and families from all around come to see it. And jump in it.

The circular well drops down about 30 feet, which allows for plenty of diving space.


Although, you wouldn’t want to miss that hole, because there is rock surrounding it.


The well was discovered in the 1850s when settlers in the area followed the nearby Cypress Creek to its source.


I can only assume their immediate reaction was to jump in as well.


I have to admit…


It DOES look fun.


The deeper interior of Jacob’s Well is dangerous.


It isn’t recommended for novice or non-certified scuba divers.


There have been 9 fatalities at the well over the years.


So, although it does look like a fun time.


You have to be careful…


Because you certainly cannot miss if you’re going to jump in.


The fact that there have been actual fatalities at the site would lead me to believe that people would stop jumping in, but of course they donÆt. So if you are ever in this area of Texas and wish to take a quick (dangerous) dip, head over to Jacob’s Well!

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