What Happened To These 13 Animals Will Make You Cringe.

July 31, 2020 Stories

Even though animals can’t speak our language, they can still teach us lessons about the world around us. Love, hope and forgiveness comes naturally to the creatures that fill this earth. When you learn about these 13 handicapped animals from Reddit and their inspirational stories, you may feel a little bit better about the challenges you face.

1) Hoppa, a 4 year-old mixed breed dog born without front legs, can use a prosthetic device to walk outside. An animal-loving art student created the device for Hoppa, and hopes his wheeling device will improve the lives of pets born with abnormalities or with amputated limbs.

2) Snow is a former stray dog who had to have one of her right feet amputated. Now, thanks to OrthoPets, she has a brand-new artificial leg.

3) This is Naki’o, a mixed-breed dog who can walk on four prosthetic devices. He lost all four paws to frostbite when he was abandoned as a puppy in a foreclosed home. He isn’t abandoned or unloved anymore.His new owners might want to consider renaming him Robo-Dog



4) This Yorkshire Terrier named Hope shows off her uni-wheel attached to a doggie vest. She is missing one limb, but with the help of this wheel she can get around just fine.

5) Yu the 25 year-old female loggerhead turtle washed up in a fishing net years ago. Her front flippers were shredded after an encounter with a shark. Now, she has gone through 27 different pairs of prosthetic flippers that allow her to swim happily and naturally.

6) This female bottlenose dolphin “Fuji”, estimated to be 37 years-old, lost 75 percent of her tail fluke due to an unknown disease in 2002. She was in serious trouble, but now the dolphin can swim and jump using the artificial tail fluke, which is believed to be the world’s first artificial fin for a dolphin.

7) A dog named Pay de Limon (Lemon Pay) can run thanks to being fitted with two front prosthetic legs. Members of a drug gang in the Mexican state of Zacatecas chopped off Limon’s paws to practice cutting fingers off kidnapped people, a terrible atrocity.

8) Oscar had his hind legs severed by a combine harvester, doesn’t even have to use a wheelchair to get around. The spunky 2 year-old cat can walk again after being fitted with prosthetic limbs in a world-first operation.

9) This 48 year-old female elephant named Motala can walk thanks to her newly attached prosthetic leg at the Elephant Hospital in Lampang province, north of Bangkok. She stepped on a landmine 10 years ago but now she can finally walk normally again.

10) This 7 year-old disabled cat is named Cici. She was hit in a traffic accident and is now paralyzed because of it. Now, she can walk and even compete in cat shows thanks to her custom walker.

11) Tzvika is an injured female turtle. She suffered severe damage to her shell when she was run over with a lawnmower and needs help with walking. But now, she can walk with the aid of her newly attached wheels.

12) This French bulldog Billy cannot use his hind legs. They have been paralyzed since birth. But, he ran for the first time on recently with the help of his newly built “roll car.”

13) Chris P. Bacon was born without the use of his hind legs. Last month, the pig’s owner turned the piglet over to a Clermont, Florida, vet who decided to help him out. Now, he has his own little wheelchair and he couldn’t be happier about it.

Animals naturally know that they need their limbs to hunt and survive, but even at that, these happy creatures don’t know they are any different. Instead, they’re as happy as their “normal” comrades.

Source: Reddit