The Interaction Between This Baby And Corgi Is The Best Thing You’ll See All Day. Heart Melted.

September 13, 2020 Stories

Every child deserves to know the love of a pet, and that same thing can be said for our pets… they deserve all the love we and our children can possibly give them.

Luckily for Wilbur the corgi, he has a loving toddler in his life, willing to listen to his problems and help him out.

Meet Wilbur the corgi. He’s feeling a bit down at the minute and has gone to see his friend, the baby psychiatrist.

Sometimes their sessions extend into her bedtime preparation.

Sometimes when mom joins they stare at her like she just interrupted their conversation. Apparently she’s become a third wheel in her own home.

Even when mom is playing with her he’s lurking in the background, waiting his turn…

He’s kind of needy (or maybe he just wants that orange).

Crossing the patient/doctor relationship line.

“So…tell me about your mother.”

Looks like that was a ruff session for poor Wilbur. Stay strong, time heals all wounds little guy.

Source: reddit

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