Seeing What These Stray Puppies Do Together Just Destroyed Me. Even Though It’s Pretty Genius.

July 21, 2020 Stories

In the middle of the harsh winter in China, even these fluffy dogs are affected by the bitter temperatures. These adorable mutts live in the Jiulongjiang Forest Park, in Rucheng County. So on the extremely cold days, they head inside to bother the staff until they get what they want. And what they want is adorable.

The chefs at the park say that the dogs will stand around the canteen stove and bark…

And they won’t stop until someone lights a fire.

Then, the smart puppies huddle around the fire, getting as close as they can.

Who knew dogs could be this resourceful?

I heard this winter was going to be AWWWWful.

Don’t underestimate your dog. The next time you go downstairs in the winter and the furnace is set to 75, it may be Fido’s fault.

Source: Daily Mail

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