Baby Has Priceless Reaction to Watching Superman Fly for the First Time

October 6, 2020 Stories

Baby watching Superman

The Superman franchise is rich in history and supported by a passionate fan base. Consequently, any movie that features the superhero will be criticized and scrutinized heavily, judged against the high standards set by its predecessors.

When the film “Man of Steel” hit the silver screen in 2013, it fell into this category. The movie received mixed reviews at best, despite global box office revenues over $660 million. However, as far as this 16-month-old boy is concerned, the production was a hit.

A video titled “Man of Steel From a Baby’s Perspective” was uploaded to the Internet on Saturday. In it, the son of YouTube user lribbit watches Superman’s first flight sequence from the movie with his father. You will be hard-pressed not to smile at his reaction.

As soon as the music picks up and Superman, played by Henry Cahill, touches his fist to the ground, the toddler gasps. Then Superman takes off into the sky and the boy immediately throws both hands into the air, cheering along.

His eyes never leave the screen as Superman flies through the air. When Superman raises an arm, the toddler raises an arm. When the superhero enters a new scene, the boy leans in to see where he is.

The video has been viewed over 700,000 times, and the top comment on the piece may sum it up best.

“No matter how horrid of a day I would have I truly think this could make me smile without much effort no matter how many times I saw it.”